Our vision:
to be a partner for manufacturing excellence



To be the best integrated solutions provider and manufacturer in Australasia, specialising in the repetitive production of higher technical value components – primarily in metals and plastics using world-class people, technologies and processes. We are a global manufacturer supplying New Zealand, Australia, USA, Asia and Europe.


"One of AXIAM's greatest strengths is its ability to work in partnership with its clients to research & develop the products they require"


Says John Oskam. "We use rapid prototyping and tooling services to help us speed up and enhance the development process, and once that's completed, we test and fine-tune the product to make sure it meets our exacting standards and the specifications the client has set down for us."


With 90% of our products going offshore to countries as widespread as the US, Spain, Brazil, Singapore, China, Mexico and Australia, AXIAM can rightly claim to be a true New Zealand success story.


AXIAM has made a name in many industry sectors; the marine industry for which it manufactures specialist carbon fibre marine winch components, the oil industry manufacturing kevlar reinforced plastic bearing sleeves for oil drilling, and the automotive industry, for which it is one of only two first tier New Zealand suppliers.


AXIAM works in many industry sectors. You can view them all on the markets page.


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Get an understanding of what we've already done. Our work on  Formway Design's award winning Be Chair components involved pioneering new composite plastic moulding techniques.


The Be Chair Back Kkin development » see the case study here


Development managers Kevin Jones and Brad Williamson welcome enquires and invite anyone who might wish to learn more about AXIAM and the services it offers to contact them by email or phone or directly through this website.





Our vision: to be a partner for manufacturing excellence