Axiam Quality Accerditations

Our current standards certifications

AXIAM's guarantee of quality


AXIAM's goal is one of being our customers manufacturing partner of excellence. The following qualifications and alliances allow us to strongly pursue that goal.


The AXIAM group holds and maintains the following standards



ISO 9001 - Quality management standard.



ISO 9001 - Quality management standard.

ISO 14001 - Environmental management standard.


Lean manufacturing


AXIAM has been practising the Lean manufacturing approach for the last ten years. Developed by Toyota to promote the universal concept of adding value from the customer's perspective while using the least possible resources. It is a world wide best practise method.


Lean involves a four step process for quality improvement. Plan to improve a product or process. Do what is planned. Study the results. Act on what has been learned.


Says John C. Oskam "It was a simple choice, the Lean philosophies of improving quality, eliminating waste, reducing production & service time, and reducing total costs fit exactly with AXIAM's goals and beliefs."




NADCA (North American Diecasting Association)

ADCA (Australian Diecasting Association)

LAM-NZ (Light Alloy Manufacturing NZ)

CTNZ (Casting Team New Zealand)


AXIAM maintains strong ongoing relationships with key tool  designers, product designers, tooling manufacturers and tertiary institutions.





Axiam Quality Accerditations
Axiam Quality Accerditations