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AXIAM is an engineering company manufacturing complex components in plastics and metals for clients throughout New Zealand, Australia and around the world.

What we can do

By combining world-class technologies and specialist expertise, AXIAM is uniquely able to deliver you unbiased and innovative solutions, and so extend your options and opportunities. Few companies can deliver a start-to-finish solution in any category. Across the metal-plastic, component-manufacturing spectrum, AXIAM can.


Your next step

You have an amazing idea for a product, but where to from here? To understand how AXIAM can help you turn your ideas into a world class product, take a look at our getting started section.


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What we've already done

AXIAM produces a wide range of products for all size and levels of clients. Our case studies cover in depth the challenges we have overcome using our skill, experience and innovation. For instance, the complexity of Formway's Be Chair or the durability of Gallagher Fuel Systems' explosion proof fuel pump.


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Axiam - Plastic, Metal and Composite Developers and Manufacturers

Few companies provide a start to finish solution across the metal, plastic component manufacturing spectrum. AXIAM does.


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