Quality assurance


Quality systems — in line with ISO9001 and environment standard ISO14001—are implemented throughout Axiam. This ensures the monitoring of products during the manufacturing processes are controlled and constantly checked. It also means that everything is measured and monitored to maintain a mind set of continuous improvement.


Constant efficiencies and costs improvements means AXIAM can provide high quality at a competitive cost.


AXIAM maintains a rigourous and proactive maintenance program across all areas of the business to ensure optimal performance, reliability and longevity.


  • Certificate of Compliance (CoC)
  • Metal analysis


  • Pre-Production Approval Process (PPAP, PPEP)


  • Continuous product evaluation
  • First off checks
  • Diecasting checklists
  • Machining checklists
  • Operator checks
  • Customer specific gauges
  • Go/No Go measures


  • CP & CPK Study (manufacturing process capability)


  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)


  • Verification and testing
  • Pressure testing
  • Break testing
  • Cosmetic and finish evaluation


  • Environment management (RoHS)





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