Fisher & Paykel: Izona Cook-top Aluminium Rings


Only the best will do for New Zealand’s Master Chefs, which is why the 2010 winner of NZ Masterchef won an Izona Cook-top as part of his prize package. The Izona cook-top blends the performance of gas with the style and easy care of a glass cook surface and is so innovative it has taken home an international GOOD design award and a Gold for best consumer product in addition to the Stringer Supreme award at the NZ Best Design Awards.


The sleek design of the cook-top is made exponentially cooler by the fact that the gas hub rises so smoothly at the touch of a button it appears to be magic. What is it that makes the movement seem so effortless? – An AXIAM made Camlifter hiding just below the surface.


Initially Fisher & Paykel approached AXIAM with the concept as a 3 part set, each part cast and machined separately, then assembled together. Upon studying the concept, AXIAM floated the idea of combining all 3 parts into one cast unit, which would then be machined and separated at the same time. This led to a substantial reduction in initial tooling costs and ensured that each part was a perfect match for the other two pieces of the set.


AXIAM was also able to offer a ‘one stop shop’ – Casting, CNC Machining (including separation) and then assembling the set into an operational lifter ready to assemble to the Cook-top. With the design of the cook-top requiring utmost quality and precision, tolerances and quality testing are equally stringent, meaning each cook-top operates as smoothly and seems as effortless as the next.


As this style of cook-top is a completely new innovation, there were no precedence to the manufacture of these parts. This was not a problem for the AXIAM design team who looked upon the project as an opportunity to create the best and be a part of an award winning product. Something which the judges of the world seem to have confirmed.


Customer: Fisher & Paykel Ltd



532541 & 532540 cam lifter 20 & 30 PU Assy, 20 mm and 30 mm camlifting ring set which controls the raising and lowering of the gas burners on the IZONA range of Cook-surfaces.



Local / Export (Mexico) – home appliance industry


Project Leaders:

Alan Quadling, Dean Kensington.


Product Statistics:

235mm diameter

Height 40mm lowered – 80 mm raised


DA401 alloy

22 assembly components



High pressure diecast

Trim overflow and remove runner

CNC machine on 3, then 5 axis machining center

Handwork to clear machining burrs

Assemble components together

Test, pack and dispatch as assembled unit


Project Overview:

Initial enquiry received

Designs and drawings were completed

Tooling commissioned

Tooling approved and tested

Process designed and documentation created

Product testing and sign off completed

Ongoing supply


Technical Challenges:

Tight CNC machining tolerance

Assembly components fit requirement (±0.03mm)

Governing functional tolerance torque (±0.5nm)

Requirement to have minimal porosity





Izona Cook-top Aluminium Rings

Replacing three cast units with one simplified & saved money