Trophon EPR


Front and Rear Chambers


With the number of health care acquired infections on the rise, Medical Sterilisation innovator Nanosonics saw the need for a fast, effective and environmentally friendly disinfection device for ultrasound transducers. While developing these innovative point of care automated disinfection systems, AXIAM was able to join forces with the Nanosonic engineers and designers to develop the best possible casting for their disinfecting chamber needs.


Within the health care industry, there are additional challenges that need to be addressed when manufacturing components for point of care locations. As the two chambers which AXIAM manufacture are integral to the aesthetic and functioning of the disinfection unit, great care was needed with the development of the product to ensure no disruption to the disinfection process.  Working together with Nanosonics scientists, all materials and surface finishes were carefully tested to ensure no adverse chemical reaction with the NanoNebulant™.


In addition, AXIAM implemented a Ball-burnishing surface finish technique which gives the entire casting the clean and polished appeal that someone would expect to see in their doctor’s office. Not only does this technique leave a long lasting polished effect on the entire casting, but it is a substantial cost saving to Nanosonics over other manual polishing processes.


The casting process itself held it’s own difficulties. Each chamber measures 463mm x 320mm with a nominal wall thickness of 3mm, which means to achieve the clean and blemish free results required, the die cavity must be filled extremely rapidly (within 0.30 milliseconds).


To achieve this speed, the AXIAM development team carefully simulated then designed the metal flow direction, positioning of the inlet gates, plunger velocity, and overflow size and location. This attention to detail has allowed AXIAM to achieve a consistent and repetitive diecast result from the casting process.


Working together with Nanosonics and offering their extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Diecasting, the AXIAM team have been able to offer consistent, effective and aesthetically pleasing components for the medical disinfecting field.


These components are of the highest standard possible and help give the overall product an air of sophistication and purity.  As the Trophon EPR is rolled out in medical facilities worldwide, AXIAM can take pride in the knowledge that their expertise has helped bring this innovative design to fruition, and to doctors’ surgery’s across the world.


Customer: Nanosonics


Product: M00224

Chamber Front & M00239 Chamber Rear, Polished Aluminium Containment Chambers for Ultrasound Transducer Disinfection Devices.



Export (Australia & Worldwide), Health care Industry


Project Leaders:

Alan Quadling, Dean Kensington, Ian Churchouse,

Dr Morris Murray (M. Murray & Associates Pty Ltd)


Product Statistics:

Front: 463.3mm x 332.4mm x 60.2mm

Rear: 466.3mm x 334.4mm x 85.3mm

Front: 1.94Kg

Rear: 1.91Kg

CA313 Alloy

RoHS Compliant

Sold as Front/Rear Set



High Pressure Diecast

Trim Overflow and remove runner

CNC Machine

Handwork to Clear Machining Burrs

Ball Burnish Polish

Quality Check

Pack and Export as Set


Project Overview:

Initial Enquiry Received

Designs and drawings were completed

Tooling commissioned

Tooling approved and tested

Process designed and documentation created

Product testing and sign off completed

Ongoing supply


Technical Challenges:

Size of casting with 3mm nominal wall thickness

Blemish Free Bowl Requirement

No Surface Chemical Interference with Functionality

Highly Aesthetic Surface Finish





Axiam - Die Casting Solution for Trophon EPR

Additional challenges needed to be addressed when manufacturing components for point of care locations

Axiam carefully tested all materials and surface finishes to ensure no adverse chemical reactions