Coolon LED Lighting extreme heatsink

They said it was impossible. AXIAM did it.


400mm by 400mm by 90mm cast aluminium heatsink

Coolon LED Lighting extreme heatsink


LED’s are the way of the future for lighting, and when LED experts FLC Microdesign/Coolon were looking for manufacturers to make a housing unit which acted as a cooling heatsink for their innovative high powered LED waterproof flood light system they struck a number of fundamental stumbling blocks.


The first and biggest stumbling block faced was the sheer size of the unit. Heatsinks are notorious to cast due to their extensive surface area and the resulting fluctuations in temperature. At 400mm high by 400mm wide by 90mm deep most die-casters which were approached took one look at the 532 protruding heat-sink pins on the back of the product and said ‘it can’t be done’. Not AXIAM diecasting however.


While others looked at the challenges and said ‘we can’t’ – the AXIAM team looked at the product and said ‘how can we?’


What followed next was a redesign of the entire casting process to make what would otherwise be impossible possible. Within a few days of receiving the inquiry, AXIAM diecasting were able to show FLC Microdesign/Coolon a workable solution where no one else could.


In addition to the casting challenges, this product and the environment in which it must operate also threw in some added curve balls. AXIAM have been able to grasp hold of these and run with them through innovative post processing solutions, from high tolerance CNC machining through to the customer specific coating process and product specific, grouped packaging.


No higher praise can be received than the look on the faces of those diecasters who said it couldn’t be done when they see that it in fact it can – With the right attitude!


Customer: Coolon LED Lighting Products & Solutions



Aluminium Heat-sink for CP96 High Power LED Luminaire Flood Light/High Bay

- An indoor/outdoor Luminaire for industrial applications in the harshest environments where bulb maintenance is difficult or impossible.



Export (Australia) - Mining industry


Project Leaders:

Alan Quadling, Dean Kensington, Ian Churchouse,

Dr Morris Murray (M. Murray & Associates Pty Ltd)


Product Statistics:

400mm x 400mm x 90mm

7.5 Kg Cast weight

DA401 & LM9 Composite Alloy

RoHS Compliant

Hard Anodised to 20 um Min



Die-cast and trim overflow

CNC Machine


Customer Specific Coating process

Pack and export as assembled unit.


Project Overview:

Initial enquiry received (2D drawing representing a 400 mm square heat-sink)

Designs and drawings completed

Tooling commissioned

Tooling approved and tested

Product testing and sign off completed

Process designed and documentation created

Ongoing supply


Technical Challenges:

Thermal control within the die-casting process / tooling

Overall size/weight of product

Shot size and strength

532 x 6mmØ x 60mm high pins cast into base.





Coolon LED Lighting extreme heatsink
Coolon LED Lighting extreme heatsink