AXIAM capabilities - die casting, injection, plastic, foam & shell moulding and precision component manufacturing


For large and small manufacturers worldwide who are - or aspire to be - world-class, we are a technical enabler who can help turn ideas into products.


 AXIAM is a manufacturing company composed of two divisions, plastics & metals. Operating from two closely situated sites of aprox. 10,000 square meters, AXIAM currently employs around 180 people.


When dealing with AXIAM you gain all the advantages of dealing with an expert team keen to partner you in manufacturing your product to a world class standard.


You gain access to AXIAM's boundary-spanning knowledge and capabilities coupled with key industry alliances. This allows you the opportunity to innovate the design and development of both your product and your processes.


Die Casting


AXIAM is a specialist alloy die casting and machining component manufacturer. Our clients include international leaders in the electronics, automotive, communications, oil and gas industries.


Experienced across the range of alloy die casting, we have special expertise in precision pressure and gravity aluminium die casting. We can provide a complete production solution, from raw castings through to assembly-ready, value-added components.


The company actively monitors international technology developments, and pursues its own R&D programme enabling clients to access advanced material technologies in such areas as semi-solid casting and magnesium casting.


CNC Machining


AXIAM specialises in repetitive manufacture of high precision components for all industry sectors.


The components we manufacture are from Ferrous & Non Ferrous castings, fabrications and high precision multi axis CNC machining, we also offer added value processes for finishing, assembly and packaging to meet our customer’s requirements for a Total Component Solution.


The materials we manufacture from cover the full metals and plastics spectrum; with cast components we have the ability to formulate a specific material to meet our clients exacting requirements.


We work with our client to develop new components / products and can offer our technical assistance to take conceptual ideas through to a repetitive manufactured component using the most up to date manufacturing processes and machinery that we have.




AXIAM deploys the latest in plastic and reaction moulding technologies.


Our material working capabilities encompass all conventional plastics plus advanced composites including engineering and metal replacement thermoplastics. Our specialist expertise in producing precision plastic, over-moulded and decorated components has helped client companies set new benchmarks in their product categories.


AXIAM is widely experienced in the automotive, electronic, communications, medical, whiteware, footwear, oil and gas and lighting industries.