In addition to producing high quality, high tolerance components, AXIAM offer numerous finishes and treatments for your components. From the look and durability of powder coating to the water-tightness of vacuum impregnation, our range of finishing options are almost as expansive as the components we create. We’ll advise the best options for you to ensure optimum durability and value prior to manufacturing your product.


Metal: decorative & functional finishes


  • As cast


  • Linished


  • Machine finished


  • Powder coating:
  • Multi colour options
  • Multi textured finishes


  • Vacuum impregnation:
  • Pressure tight vessels


  • Alodine pre-treatment:
  • RoHS compliant, chrome free


  • Vibrated


  • Ball-burnished


  • Shot-blasted


  • Wet painted:
  • Decorative finish


Plastics: decorative & functional finishes


  • Pad printed


  • Hot foil stamped


  • Wet sprayed


  • Ultrasonic welded






Axiam - Metal & Plastici Finishing