Gallagher Fuel Systems' explosion proof box


Gallagher Fuel Systems (formerly PEC) have been manufacturing Fuel Pumps for over 70 years, and are leaders in the Australasian fuel dispensing system market, an industry which is highly regulated due to the obvious health and safety implications if something goes wrong. This is why, when Gallagher Fuel Systems needed an Explosion Proof Box for inside their fuel pump, they looked to AXIAM as a trusted supplier to meet their needs. Not only was AXIAM able to provide the box and lid to a level which surpassed all regulatory requirements, they also provided all documentation to prove it.


Being an explosion proof box, the normal level of porosity (small air pockets) which are left in the casting process was simply not good enough for this casting. Knowing this, the AXIAM team undertook a series of statistical trials to determine the optimal operating parameters for this product and then followed these trials with a validation process on the CNC Machines. Through this process AXIAM have been able to ensure that units were well above average in the limitation of porosity and are cast in the most efficient and effective manner possible.


Extensive quality testing is also carried out throughout the manufacturing process to ensure conformance to a specialty set of high standards. The completed units are then packaged as a box and lid set so that they arrive at Gallagher Fuel Systems ready for assembly along with their certificate of conformance for each batch run.


Through this attention to quality, Gallagher Fuel Systems can be assured that their products are manufactured to the highest standards possible.


Customer: Gallagher Fuel Systems Ltd



4G98150 - EXD enclosure set (case and lid). An explosion proof box which houses the electronic equipment within fuel pumps to reduce risk of fuel explosions.



Local / Export – gas and oil / electronics Industry


Project leaders:

Steve Callaghan, Dean Kensington, Ian Churchouse,


Product statistics:

Case: 267.5mm x 192.5 x 67mm

Lid: 267.5mm x 192.5mm x 18.5mm

Case: 2.96Kg, Lid: 1.84Kg finished weight

LM9 alloy

42 machined holes

29 separate critical dimensions



Low pressure tilt gravity casting

Trim overflow

CNC machine

Handwork to clear machining burrs

Pack and dispatch as case and lid set


Project overview:

Initial enquiry received

Gravity casting parameters and alloy testing

Designs and drawings were completed

Tooling commissioned

Tooling approved and tested

Process designed and documentation created

Product testing and sign off completed

Ongoing supply


Technical challenges:

Nominal 20mm+ thick wall section

Requirement to have minimal or no porosity

Safety and manufacturing standards

Surface finish requirements on machined faces





Gallagher Fuel Systems' explosion proof box

Traditional casting was not suitable for an explosion proof box